We love to support moms

About MomsCradle.

MomsCradle is a platform designed to connect moms and help them find tools to make nurturing easier. Our goal is to create lasting and meaningful relationships between birth centers, moms, and other helpful resources through smart thinking and thoughtful design. We aim to do this by creating tools, content and services that touch people at a personal level.

Our Approach.

There isn't a one-size-fits-all formula for success. From small birth centers looking to expand their offerings, to established birth centers with unique offerings and decades of brand history, we shape our team and process around each client. Each assignment is unique, and is measured against an individual set of objectives.

Our Story.

It all started when Dr. Gopal was expecting her son. She had to go to multiple sites to find classes, pre-natal products and other services. So she called her techy friend Bob who was working on a Rapid Application Development platform called In-School. As fate would have it, Joanne De Leon, Operations Manager at the UCSF Women's Health Resource Center was looking for a similar tool. It became clear that not only would every hospital see immediate benefits from the use of such a tool, but that it would also help moms connect as, "It takes a village to raise a child."

By automating and providing easy access to birth center resources, hospitals would not only see bottom line benefits, but would also further their mission of providing mothers with the support and information they need to have a safe and healthy birth and postnatal experience

MomsCradle was founded in 2011 by Bob Singh and Dr. Meenu Gopal. The user-friendly platform garnered great reviews and drawing accolades from its customers.