Momscradle starts it's journey

Nov 18, 2014 posted by Bob Singh
After being very quiet for over two years, MomsCradle is today stepping out of stealth mode. And while we plan to keep our product under wraps for now, there are several things about the company we would love to share with you.

We are well funded and expertly counseled: We have notable co-founder and a rock star engineering team. Our team has accomplished and skilled individuals who have many years of experience and have shaped the strategy of many large projects and companies. We have technologists with experience in building transformative technologies. They all share our vision to build
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Infections in Pregnancy

Nov 18, 2014 posted by Meenu Gopal
This week I would like to talk about different illness that can affect the outcome of pregnancy and the role of preventive care.

Let us start with the first trimester and how important the role of being immunized against mumps, measles ,rubella, influenza. Infection by any of these  easily preventable illness can cause first trimester abortions, congenital birth anomalies, deafness  and sterility in unborn kids.

Traditionally,the only viral infections of concern during pregnancy were those caused by rubella virus, CMV, and Herpes Simples Virus(HSV). Other viruses now known tocause congenital infections include Parvovirus (B19), chicken
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Now that you are pregnant! What to do…

Nov 18, 2014 posted by Meenu Gopal
Congratulations as you embark on this wonderful and special journey of your life.
Hoping you are keeping well and not hitting the sink every morning and keeping up with your daily routine of either work, school or home, start learning about your rights:

1: Choose your caregiver wisely, Don’t  close your eyes and pick one randomly out of a phone book. Verify their credentials, look for board certification, search for malpractice claims against them, and most importantly ask friends and family. You will have a list of providers from your insurance provider and your primary care
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