Birth Centers Appreciate MomsCradle for Many Reasons

  • Single point of interaction for expecting moms
  • Designed with multiple locations in mind
  • Real time insights using analytics
  • Web applications
  • Manage classes, product rentals, pre-natal product and memberships
  • Consistent User Experience and Branding
  • Minimum wait time for customers
  • Retail Queue Bursting
  • Bring Resource Center online
  • Data safe and secure
  • Trusted by Global Enterprises
  • Consistency in delivery for e-commerce items
  • Minimal wait time for customers
  • Logging for HIPPA Compliance

How MomsCradle Works

We make life of mothers easy for things they need to nurture new life and life of their kids. We partner with services rendered by all.

For Members

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For Birth Center Administrators

We make it easy for you to manage your classes, product rentals, prenatal product sales and memberships. You can sign up and get your Resource Center online. This will empower your clients to use your services and improve your quality of service. Please sign up for a demo account


We have built our solution being mindful of safety for your organization and members. We provide transparency, regulatory compliance, auditing, recovery and services that keeps your data safe and secure:

  • SSL enforcement for secure HTTPS access.
  • Password strength requirements.
  • Customizable policies to filter email containing sensitive information.
  • Email encryption using standard TLS protocols.
  • Setup customizable policies for filtering sensitive information, Automated monitoring and reporting reduces data errors and keeps the organization compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability.
  • Traceability to changes in data fields via timestamps for data activity.
  • Archived data is immediately stored within in the application forever or on a recurring schedule.
  • Configure administration access, update permissions and policies, create individual profiles or pyramids in minutes.
  • A fast and more simple method to maintain complex IT configuration profiles

Please signup if you would like to be kept apprised of new service offerings to be introduced in 2014.

Birth Centers Can Use MomsCradle For:

Commerce Tools
  • Breast Pump Rental
  • Classes
  • Prenatal Products
  • Memberships
  • Questions
  • Answers from Clinicians
  • Social Network
  • Reports
  • Dashboard
  • Business Trends